About Mid Lancs

Mid Lancs was one of the first Bmx Clubs in the country, It was formed in the early 1980s.

The track was built in a quarry on Blackburn Road, Chorley. It was designed by John Lee and owned by his father.

During the 1980s Bmx racing was really big, Mid Lancs ran club nights every Friday with up to 200 riders ! You could have raced every night of the week if you had wanted too..

There were lots of club in the region including Roch Valley Raiders, Salford Vikings, Preston Pirates and Wigan Three Sisters. Once a regional race held at Mid Lancs attracted over 400 riders !In 1988 the club was told they could no longer use the quarry, and the search began for a new home.

After many meetings with the local council they were offered a piece of wasteland at Chisnall Hall, Chisnall Lane, Coppull and that became their new home.. Before thinking about building a new track, they had to build a road for access and a carpark. The committee at the time were Jimmy Turner, Brian Iddon, Stan Scholes, Dave Bennett and Ron Petres.

The club is indebted to all these people for all the time and hard work they put in to get the track finished. The first National held at Mid Lancs attracted 800 riders, the rugby field was full of campers and the farmers field and car park full of cars !

The club has been totally self funding, Race fees Membership money and refreshments were all ploughed back towards track maintenance. The track has had 5 major changes since being built, The start hill raised and the jumps got bigger !

Mid Lancs is now one of the fastest tracks in the country, and we think one of the best !

Jimmy Turner has served as a committee member since1983, Chairman since 1988, and is still very active in the running of the club…